Congratulations for being part of our new effort to increase support to some of our nation’s most important nonprofit organizations.  12by12by12 is breaking new ground by mobilizing people like you working on the issues that are most important to you. 

Instead of just putting a check in the mail, our donors are harnessing the power of collective action. We believe in being transparent.  The nonprofits, donors and the general public can see exactly how much has been given and where it is going.  We hope this inspires you to learn more about our partners. From the organizations and causes you know well, to some you might be hearing about for the first time.  You might even like the idea of being the first person to make a donation to one of our nonprofit partners here.

During the first several weeks, there were 142 gifts totaling more than $6,600.  For a new social media effort, this puts 12by12by12 in some very good company.  All of our partners are carefully screened and vetted to ensure both the highest ethical standards, and a track record of producing results.

These gifts are not being made in isolation. Knowing that your gifts are being multiplied by the gifts of others creates a sense of community with like-minded people across the country and around the world.  

Like us, we bet you’re hopeful that this platform will generate important resources for great organizations.  We are built to grow and to multiply.  Our collective giving can make a real difference in impacting the lives of people from coast to coast  

We invite you to participate in this new giving community.  Please email 12 friends.  Ask them to invite 12 more friends.  You can see growth in our equation.  Join us and watch us grow 12by12by12.