Our Story

12by12by12(SM) is a case of a dream quickly becoming a reality.  In December 2016, a group of talented and committed individuals came together to put together an organization and a plan to confront and address the impact of the many changes that are anticipated following the national election.

Utilizing a contribution of $50,000 in seed money from concerned individuals, and led by founder, Paula Van Ness, a new non-profit organization was formed (12by12by12(SM) Inc.) and incorporated in the State of Connecticut on January 9, 2017. We were fortunate to have legal counsel and a graphic designer who provided their much-needed services at a deeply discounted rate and a nonprofit incubator that provided a secure home for a fledgling organization that needed to move quickly to get all the pieces into place for a launch in less than two months.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who has helped shape this idea, including approximately 30 nonprofit leaders across the country who provided advice during the conceptual phase of the campaign and to the organizations that have jumped on board to join this effort.

Board of Directors:

PAULA VAN NESS, President. Former CEO for other community-based and national nonprofits. (Connecticut)

MERLE GINSBURG, Vice President. Commercial Real Estate Network Leader and nonprofit leader. (Florida)

BARRY GINSBURG, Real Estate Developer and political activist. (Florida)

MARTHA BERNSTEIN: Chair of the Connecticut Community Foundation Board of Trustees; community and nonprofit leader.


ANA OLIVEIRA: CEO, New York Women's Foundation (New York)

VINCENT ROBINSON: Managing Partner, the 360 Group (California)

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